“Knowing the world is cleverness; knowing yourself is wisdom”

14 Oct

“Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The Fact is that nothing remains constant. You might be on top today, but there are always rivals within and without looking to bring you down. And, when that happens, you need that most essential quality in a leader: wisdom.

Many people think that wisdom comes with age, but that’s not true. Only white hair and wrinkles come with age. Wisdom comes from a combination of intuition and values, from making choices and learning from them. It comes form the ability to handle failure and rejection…the most valuable lesson of life is to trust your own inner voice. Knowing the world is cleverness; knowing yourself is wisdom.

So, whatever you do, be yourself. At all times listen to your heart, do what you think is right, and stand up for the principles you believe in.”

[A passage from ‘The Accidental Apprentice’ by Vikas Swarup]


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