Leaving home to find a home

22 Mar

‘It takes courage to make a new start – to try a new way of life, of find a different rhythm, or establish another way of being; but something within us – a more authentic voice than the superficial chattering of our ego-driven mind – quietly urges us to be brave, to go for  it. If we heed that call of what we might call “soul”, then we must be prepared to let go of life-as-we-know-it, and set out for the place where we most fully belong. We must leave home, in other words, to find our home again.  [Brian Draper, 2012, Less is More] 

I love this idea of bravery and courage surrounding change, the mindset needed ‘to try a new way of life, of find a different rhythm, or establish another way of being’ and how we need to tap into our authentic self away from the busy and ego-driven world we live in.

As I’m seeking to make significant changes and explore new ideas and find new rhythms, this could not be a more timely passage to read. Be daring, be passionate, be courageous to break free and live your own and more purposeful life. 

I’m currently reading Brian Draper’s book, ‘Less is More – Spirituality for Busy Lives’. Draper runs Echosounder, a consultancy which works with leaders and organisations to nurture their spiritual intelligence. To read more on Brian Draper, visit www.briandraper.org


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